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ICC Cable Products

ICC Cable & ICC BusinessICC is an independently owned company that supplies solutions to the telecommunication industry. Founded in 1984 the company has over 20 years of experience in providing quality, high performance rated ICC products. ICC, a proud member of BICSI and TIA/EIA stands behind its products by offering a comprehensive ICC product warranty program. ICC components such as ICC connectors, cables, fiber optic systems, patch panels, cross connect, raceway, racks & cable management tools are thoroughly tested and inspected before it leaves the warehouse and is guaranteed with a 30-year certified system warranty. ICC ensures the strict compliance to FCC, TIA/EIA and UL standards and has the lowest defect/return rates in the industry. ICC products are advanced in performance and are extremely competitive in price. ICC engineers constantly research and develop new applications, procedures and products to guarantee ICC products emerge as “the tools of the trade” throughout the industry. As a result ICC is a highly respected company with innovative products that has peak performance and intelligent solutions to the telecom industry.

ICC Products

ICC products are engineered to enhance productivity, provide superior quality and maximize efficiency to satisfy the needs of the telecommunication system. ICC is the leading manufacturer of structured cabling products in both the commercial and residential markets. ICC products are premium in quality and affordable allowing contractors to provide high quality installation to customers and still earn a profit.

ICC Cable Assemblies & Cords

ICC cable assemblies & cords include data patch cords, 25-pair telco cables, telephone & video cords, fiber optic jumpers, cable management and patch cord accessories. Patch cords are designed with ultra slim-line low profile removable boots to allow them to fit adjacent to each other in high density application. You can also purchase ICC cables in bulk from Certified Phone Solutions, a reseller of ICC products.

ICC Fiber Optic Systems

ICC Fiber Optic Systems include fiber optic plug and play cassettes, fiber optic jumpers, fiber optic patch panels & adapter panels, fiber optic enclosures, fiber optic splice trays, fiber optic connectors & adaptors, and elite multi media outlets & boxes.

ICC Cross Connect & Patch Panels

ICC patch panels are designed for high density applications to maximize connectivity, reduce crosstalk and maximize signal strength. Patch panels are designed with rear split back IDC’s; package comes with clear termination caps to ensure that the terminated wires are secure. To make system administration easy, use ICC patch panel labeling solutions. ICC cross connect & patch panels include data patch panels, vertical patch panels, voice patch panels, multi-media patch panels, shielded patch panels, patch panel labeling, 110 wiring, 66 wiring and cable management.

ICC Raceway

ICC Raceway products include surface raceway, raceway fittings, raceway boxes & station outlets, and raceway tools. ICC’s raceway products are easy to cut, trim and can be painted in order to create a custom look. The Raceway system solution offers flexibility in routing copper and fiber optic cables between work area outlets.

ICC Racks & Cable Management

ICC Racks & Cable management includes 19” distribution racks & accessories, rack shelves, cable management racks, metal cable management panels, cable management panels, finger duct panels, cable management rings, cable management accessories, ladder rack systems, wall mount racks and rack accessories. ICC’s rack systems are ideal for the distribution and organization of various components for the installation of voice data, audio, video, security and fiber optics.

ICC Residential

ICC is the valued leader in structured cabling solutions. ICC Residential products provide long lasting performance and reliability. ICC Residential products offer wall outlets with data, voice, audio, video connectivity. ICC has the widest selection of faceplates in the industry. Integrated faceplates have a one-piece design that makes hand held termination easy. ICC Residential also offers a variety of choices for component video/audio. With ICC’s modular compression connectors, residential contractors can save money, time and signal losses by compressing coax cable right on the modular connector. Thousands of contractors have installed ICC products in residential homes across the United States.

ICC Connectors & Tools

ICC Connectors & Tools include punch-down tools,, stripping tools, termination aids, cable tie installation tools & accessories, compression tools, compression connectors & tools, and crimping tools.

ICC Workstations & Outlets

ICC Workstations & Outlets offer premium patch cords, performance patch panels and twin EZ & HD connectors. ICC Workstations & Outlets include modular connectors, configurable faceplates, decorator faceplates & inserts, electrical & stainless steel faceplates, integrated faceplates & wall plates, surface mount boxes & telephone jacks, furniture faceplates, elite faceplates & elite outlets/boxes, mounting boxes, and telephone & D-sub Adapters.
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ICC Cords & Cable Assemblies ICC Fiber Optic System ICC Modular Connectors
ICC 25-Pair Telco Cables
ICC Cable Management
ICC Data Patch Cords
ICC Fiber Optic Jumpers
ICC Patch Cord Accessories
ICC Telephone & Video Cords

ICC Residential
ICC Compact Net.Media Solutions
ICC Deluxe Net.Media Solutions
ICC Mini Net.Media Solutions
ICC Net.Media Center Accessories
ICC Net.Media Centers
ICC Premier Net.Media Solutions

ICC Elite Multi-Media Outlets & Boxes
ICC Fiber Optic Connectors & Adapters
ICC Fiber Optic Enclosures
ICC Fiber Optic Jumpers
ICC Fiber Optic Patch Panels & Adapter Panels
ICC Fiber Optic Plug & Play Cassettes
ICC Fiber Optic Splice Trays

ICC Bulk Cables
ICC Flat Cable

ICC Telephone Modular Adapters

ICC Audio/Video Compression Connectors
ICC Audio/Video Modular Connectors
ICC Blank Inserts
ICC Data Modular Connectors
ICC Fiber Optic Modular Connectors
ICC Voice Modular Connectors

ICC Raceway
ICC Raceway Boxes & Station Outlets
ICC Raceway Fittings
ICC Raceway Tools
ICC Surface Raceway