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ESI Phones

ESI Phones - ESI Software - ESI Phone SystemsFounded in 1987, ESI is a privately held company with headquarters in Plano, TX. ESI develops leading-edge business communication products for small and medium size businesses. ESI products are easy to install, understand, and use. ESI phones are considered by some to be the “smartest” phones in the current market with their all-in-one business communication systems.

Certified Phone Solutions carries a variety of ESI phones making business communication much more efficient. Innovatively designed ESI phones have a number of valuable features such as ESI-DEX, multiple voicemail messages, account code, and virtual answer key. Any ESI desktop phone models you purchase, whether a 48-key, 24-Key or 12-key Feature ESI Digital Phone would be a great buy. ESI's verbal user guide gives you friendly spoken instructions for every feature and function. You can make the most out of your ESI System by customizing it to your needs.

48-Key feature ESI phones

48-Key feature ESI phones have a large display screen and a lot of programmable feature keys. Desktop models can connect to additional ESI Expansion Consoles that will give you additional programmable feature keys. Each additional expansion console will give you 60-key Expansion Consoles. The 48-Key feature provides many features to benefit the high call volume user. It ensures that your business will be more productive.

24-Key feature ESI phones

If you are low volume caller, the 24-Key feature ESI phones are perfect for you. You get access to all system features but less customized features. 24-Key feature digital phone has 12 programmable keys, a speaker phone, and backlit display with 32 characters.

12-Key feature ESI phones

The 12-key feature ESI phones are for the occasional user. This phone has 9 programmable keys, pre-programmed voicemail key, and a display screen with 16 characters. This digital phone is meant for low usage areas such as hotel lobbies.

ESI cordless handset II

If you are constantly on the move in the office or at home, the cordless handset II provides the mobility you need. The ESI cordless handset II provides the same features as an ESI 24-key desktop feature would provide. In addition to those features, the cordless handset has a Quick Switch™ to switch back and forth between the desktop and the cordless handset.

ESI Presence Management

ESI Presence Management is great for presence indication, ESI’s personal call routing, access control and tracking work hours and attendance. Whether you are a small or medium sized business, the ESI Presence Management - a hardware and software solution, can benefit you. Certified Phone Solutions has been in business for 23 years and provides a variety ESI Feature Phones with warranty. We also have certified professionals who can provide great installation services regardless of the ESI phone system package or the model you choose. These phones are patented in design, all-in-one design and extremely easy to use. Forward thinking technology, all-in-one design, and real world features are all in the ESI system.

Here are some ESI Phones & Phone Systems

ESI Phones ESI Phone Systems
ESI Expansion Consoles
ESI IP Phones (VOIP)
ESI Phone Accessories
ESI Phones
ESI Wireless Phones

ESI Phone Systems
ESI C-Plus Phone System
ESI CS-50L Phone System
ESI CS-100 Phone System

ESI Enclosure (Part# 5000-0365)
Five ESI Presence Management (Part# 5000-0349)
Five ESI Presence Management (Part# 5000-0366)
ESI Presence Management RFID Reader (Part# 5000-0360)
25 ESI Presence Management licenses (Part# 5000-0346)
25 ESI Presence Management licenses (Part# 5000-0347)

ESI Bluetooth & Cellular Access
ESI Bluetooth Headset Interface, Part# 5000-0523
ESI Cellular Management Access Device, Part# 5000-0504