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ESI Cellular Management Access Device, Part# 5000-0504

ESI Cellular Management Access Device (for digital ports only), Part# 5000-0504
ESI Cellular Management Access Device (for digital ports only), Part# 5000-0504


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Condition: New
Part Number: 5000-0504
Color: Charcoal Gray
Warranty: 1 Year

Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days
Product Code: ESI5000-0504

The ESI Cellular Management Access Device is housed
in a small ergonomic plastic case, which contains an
internal Bluetooth antenna and connects to a digital
station port on an ESI Communications Server.
Each Access Device is used in connection with a “host”
48-Key Digital Feature Phone and, although the
Access Device is intended for desktop placement near
the host phone, it can be attached to surfaces with the
included Velcro® strips. The Access Device receives its
power from the digital port to which it’s connected.
Once connected and programmed, the Access Device
interfaces to the ESI Communications Server in a
fashion similar to that of a CO circuit. Incoming calls
from the connected cell phone will be presented to the
Access Device and directed to the programmed station,
department, or group mailbox.
Likewise, outgoing calls will be handled as if the cell
phone were a trunk, with all associated outgoing trunk
features. This capability is available through use of a
programmed Cellular Access key on any ESI Feature
Phone in the system.
ESI Cellular Management

When a cell phone is connected via Bluetooth and in
range of the Access Device, calls to the cell phone are
routed to the destination programmed at installation —
any extension, department, or guest mailbox. The
inbound cell call is then managed by the ESI
Communications Server as if it were a CO trunk call.
ESI Cellular Management users will enjoy the
following benefits:

• Enhanced call coverage — Leverage ESI Cellular
Management’s unique ability to deliver incoming cell
calls directly to any extension or department in the
system, allowing call coverage for cell calls in
addition to normal office calls.

• Access ESI features for inbound cell calls —
Cell calls are handled just like any other call, so
users can access ESI system features such as
call forwarding, call transfer, and conferencing.

• Simplified voice mail management — Users
select where the system will route unanswered cell
calls, either their ESI voice mailbox or cell phone
voice mail.

• Outgoing call savings — ESI Cellular Management
can allow any ESI Digital Feature Phone on the
system to use a cellular line to make outgoing calls,
realizing efficiencies by using the cellular service
plan’s low-cost or free long-distance minutes.

• Possible reduction in number of required CO lines
— In some instances, companies may be able to
avoid the expense of having additional CO lines
installed, by using an existing cellular line as they
would a regular CO line.

• Access voice-dialing1 directly from an ESI 48-Key
Digital Feature Phone.

• Mobility — When a user is on a cellular line call on
an office phone and needs to leave the office,
yet continue the call, ESI Cellular Management’s
cell call transfer feature allows the user to
seamlessly continue the call, using the cell phone.

• Individual station programming — Users may
customize each ESI Cellular Management Access
Device to maximize their productivity via VIP or
ESI Personal Programmer.

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