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Aiphone Intercoms

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Aiphone Intercom Systems

Aiphone is a leading intercom manufacturer with numerous awards and certifications. Ai phone is the first and only intercom manufacturer to win the Deming Prize, the highest international award for quality control. Their intercom systems are used worldwide in a variety of industries, including security, healthcare, and television and are also used by many residential customers as well. Founded in 1948, Aiphone’s intercom systems and their other products are sold in about 60 countries.

In addition to being the intercom industry leader, Aiphone is also leading when it comes to environmental awareness. They create their products and activities while promoting conservation of the global environment with their business operations. The Aiphone Group aspires to be an enterprise capable of making contributions to society by using communication and security technologies that minimize environmental loads.

Over the last few years, Aiphone has brought about several revolutionary products such as:

  • JK Series: Hands-free Color Video with PanTilt & Zoom
  • JF Series: Hands-free Color Video System
  • AX Series: Integratable Audio/Video Security System
  • GH Series Open Voice
  • Color Video Multi-Unit Entry System
  • JB series Open Voice Color Video System
  • IM Security Window System
  • IP-EWST IP Addressable Intercom Adaptor
  • AN-8000 Series: IP Network Intercom System

Aiphone offers creative solutions for your intercom system needs. Whether you are a looking for an Aiphone intercom for your house, small business or mid-size or large corporation, Certified Phone Solutions can help you find the perfect solution for all of your audio or video intercom needs.

Over the last few years, Aiphone has brought about several revolutionary products, including the JK Series: Hands-free Color Video with PanTilt & Zoom, JF Series: Hands-free Color Video System, AX Series: Integratable Audio/Video Security System, GH Series Open Voice, Color Video Multi-Unit Entry System, JB series Open Voice Color Video System, IM Security Window System, IP-EWST IP Addressable Intercom Adaptor, AN-8000 Series: IP Network Intercom System.
Here are some Aiphone Intercoms

Aiphone Video Intercoms
AX Series
JA Series
JF Series
JK Series
KB Series
KC Series
KCS-1ARD Series

Aiphone Integratable Intercoms
AI-900 Series
AN-8000 Series
AX Series
AXW-AVT Series
Aiphone Audio Intercoms
AP-M Series
AT-406 Series
C-123L/A & C-123LW Series
CCS-1A Series
IE-1AD Series
IE-1GD Series
IE-2AD Series
IE-8MD Series
IM Series
LEF Audio Series
LEM Audio Series
LEM-1DL & LEM-1DLC Series
MC-60/4A Series
MP-S Series
NDR Series
NEM Series
NHX Series
TC-M Series
TD-H/B Audio Series

Aiphone Multi-Tenant Intercoms
DA-1DS Series
DA-4DS Series
DB Series
GF Series
GH Series Expanded
GH Series Standard

Aiphone IP Intercoms

Aiphone Intercom Packages
Video Intercoms

Aiphone Intercom Wire
Aiphone Wire Chart
Aiphone Wire

Aiphone Intercom Accessories

Aiphone Intercom

Certified Phone Solutions is a leading distributor of Aiphone Intercoms. We carry a large selection of Aiphone Video Intercom Systems including the Aiphone JK series, LEF, LEM, JF, JA and other Aiphone Video Intercom Systems. If you’re looking for an Aiphone Audio Intercom, you can choose from Aiphone IM, LEM, LEF and other Aiphone Audio Intercom Systems. Aiphone also carries Multi-tenant and integratable intercoms, along with a large number of intercom-related accessories including release relays, wires, Aiphone mounting plates and doosr . Certified Phone Solutions is your source for Aiphone intercoms systems and Intercom accessories.

Aiphone Audio Intercoms

Aiphone audio Intercoms are well renowned for their unparalleled reception and sound quality. Aiphone also carries a wide array of audio intercoms for your business or residential unit. These Aiphone Intercoms include the well-known Aiphone LEF, an intermixable system that includes selective calling, monitoring, and the option of All Call. There is also the Aiphone LEM, which works great for open voice cmmunication and includes a hands-free remote and push-to-talk. The Aiphone IM series includes an adaptable gooseneck microphone which can be used with a headset.

Aiphone Video Intercoms

Aiphone video intercom systems have been the industry standard for some time. Aiphone video intercoms come for both residential and business usage, and for a wide variety of budgets. Some of the more well-known Aiphone video intercoms include the Aiphone JF series, JK, KC and other Aiphone intercoms.

Aiphone Intercom Accessories

Aiphone is also known for their quality intercom accessories. These Aiphine accessories include Aiphone ceiling mounting frames, door release relays, mounting plates, and support bridges, AC plug-in transformers and other Aiphone accessories. Aiphone provides support for their line of audio and video intercoms through their quality intercom accessory line.