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Intercom Systems, Video Intercom Systems and Other Telcom Products

When you are looking for a top quality video intercom system, Bluetooth headset, phone system, cable or other telecom product for your business or home, then turn to Certified Phone Solutions, the leading retailer for telecommunication products and services. CPS strives to sell the highest quality products and offer the best customer satisfaction, which is why we carry the best brands, such as Aiphone, Plantronics, ICC, ESI and many others. We also provide installs and support voice, data, security and cabling systems. With over 20 years of expertise, we offer a single source solution for all of your telecom service and product needs.

At CPS you will find the latest deals on Aiphone intercom systems, Plantronics headsets, ICC Cable products, and ESI software and phone systems. As the leading retailer of Aiphone intercom systems, Certified Phone Solutions carries a full selection of their products. The well renowned Aiphone audio and video intercom systems are choice in many various industries. In addition to an unbeatable reputation in the business setting, Aiphone intercom systems also make the ideal choice for residential usage.

Plantronics pioneered the lightweight headset, the mobile headset, noise-canceling technology and the personal speakerphone, so CPS is proud to offer you their latest headset technology. Plantronics is the ideal choice for the business professional and the retail consumers. They make products to fit any budget, whether it's corded or wireless headsets.

If you have wiring questions, expansion questions, replacement issues on current systems or just want to know how to get a local tech for work, give Certified Phone Solutions a call.

About Us

Certified Phone Solutions is a leading retailer of intercoms, intercom systems, Bluetooth headsets, phone systems, cables, and other telecom products for business and residential use. Aiphone, Plantronics, ICC, and ESI are among the quality name brands offered by CPS. Here you will find the latest deals on Aiphone intercoms, Plantronics headsets, ICC Cable products, and ESI software and phone systems.

Aiphone Intercoms

aiphone intercom

Certified Phone Solutions is a leading retailer of Aiphone intercom systems and carries a full selection. Aiphone intercoms (both Aiphone audio and Aiphone video) are well renowned and are the intercom of choice in various industries. Popular Aiphone intercoms include Aiphone IP Intercoms, the Aiphone LEF, GF, JK, JF and Aiphone LEM. Aiphone intercom systems are the ideal choice for business and residential intercom usage.

Plantronics Headsets

plantronics headsets

Plantronics headsets have revolutionized headset technology and are the ideal choice for many businesses as well as consumers. Whether it's corded or wireless headsets, Plantronics manufactures a full selection of corded and Bluetooth headsets for various budgets. Some of their more popular Bluetooth headsets include the Plantronics Voyager, and Plantronics Discovery 925.

ICC Cable

icc cable products

ICC products include a number of cables, accessories, and solutions for business and residential units. ICC cable technology includes cable assemblies and cords, ICC cross connectors and patch panels, as well as ICC raceway. ICC is a household name and is the cable solutions provider of choice for many businesses.